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22 Sep

Is a Rotary Tube Furnace Right for your Process?

Rotary tube furnaces provide efficient heat and mass transfer and minimize material handling in applications such as powder processing.

6 Aug

Furnace ramp rates

Furnace ramp rates   Furnace Ramp Rates for 1600-1800 °C Models   Initial Heating/Element Seasoning…  Ramp the empty furnace to 1550 degrees Celsius at the rate of 100 degrees Celsius per hour; then hold at 1550 degrees Celsius for one hour. This procedure conditions the molydisilicide heating elements by allowing formation of a glass protective […]

4 May

FAQs: Atmosphere Envelope Furnaces

9 Sep

Planning Your Visit: What you need to know

Planning Your Visit: What you need to know Deltech looks forward to welcoming you to our facility. Safety is our top priority and we want to ensure that our guests remain safe while visiting our facilities. The following Overview and Safety Guidelines will help you prepare for your visit. Visitor Overview All visitors are required […]

21 May

About Deltech Water Cooled End Caps

About Deltech water cooled end caps Water cooled end caps allow access to the tube interior without removal of the caps themselves. This is accomplished with the use of flat end plates that can be easily removed. The plates can also be customized with special fittings such as hooks to meet the requirements of your […]

21 May

Vertical Tube Installation Instructions

Vertical Tube Installation Instructions   Determine your preferred distance from the top of the furnace to the top of the tube.   Make a pencil mark on the tube at the distance you determined.   With fiber wrap between the tube and the clamp, wrap around and tighten a hose clamp at the pencil mark. […]

18 Apr

What you need to know about furnace installation assistance

What you need to know about furnace installation assistance If you purchase a Deltech production scale furnace or a Deltech specialty furnace (such as one of our 2000 degrees celsius models), on site installation assistance is normally included. To get maximum benefit from the site visit from Deltech technicians/engineers and avoid additional charges,  you should […]

10 Apr

Important information about rebuild roof and hearth parts…

Important information about rebuild roof and hearth parts… You will find upon receiving your spare parts order for roof or hearth pieces, that in many cases the holes have not been drilled for your elements, support tubes, thermocouples, etc. This is due to the alignment problems that can occur from having your spare parts drilled […]

9 Apr

Prevent element damage due to arcing

Prevent element damage due to arcing If your Deltech furnace is a high temperature (1500 degrees centigrade or above) model, it will likely feature molydisilicide heating elements. Regardless of the kind of connectors in use; i.e. holders and braids or buss bars, repeated thermal cycling can and will result in those connections loosening up. That creates […]

19 Mar

Why won’t my furnace heat?

Why won’t my furnace heat? If your furnace isn’t heating at all, start here: Go to the control cabinet and turn the control power and the element power off. Then turn first the control power and then the element power back on. You should hear a “clunk”. That’s the contactor (image right) allowing power to […]

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