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ICAGST in Kolkata

ICAGST in Kolkata, India is held in conjunction with an ICG-CGCRI Tutorial on an annual basis. If you are not familiar with the acronyms, ICAGST is the International Conference on Advances in Ceramics and Glass; ICG is the International Congress on Glass; and CGCRI is the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute. Deltech was glad to be able to provide a small sponsorship for the event. The conference convener, Dr. Ranjan Sen, reported that delegates from ten countries attended. The Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute is one of our customers; they have some of our glass melt furnaces including a custom design featuring robotic features for moving the crucible from air to inert atmosphere to positioning to pour into a prepared mold.

For more information about our standard and custom design glass melt furnaces with operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees celsius, click here or email us at with a description of your application or process problem. We will partner with you to find an optimal solution.

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Glass Melt Furnace with Robotic Features

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.