14 Jan

Continuous Furnace vs. Batch Furnace

The fundamentals of all furnaces are the same, they aim to heat their contents. Many processes and manufacturing areas require thermal procedures that need industrial furnaces. However, the way these furnaces work can vary greatly between different types of furnaces. Continuous and batch furnaces both have a place in the manufacturing process. This article will […]

13 Dec

Laboratory Furnace for High Temperature Applications

Laboratory furnaces offer constant conditions for processing materials and samples. They are usually built from refractory materials to sustain high temperatures without breaking down. Laboratories are often set up to function for months at a time to finish processing. Key considerations for laboratory furnaces are general specifications, tube furnace features, control, and atmosphere. Laboratory furnaces […]

6 Dec

What are the advantages of resistance heated batch furnaces?

Resistance heated batch furnaces are a form of electrical furnace which use heat that is generated by conductors, providing resistance to the movement of a current through them. Resistance heated batch furnaces are used extensively in heat treatment for heating before pressure shaping and for melting or drying materials. This article will outline some of […]

24 Nov

Where to Buy Ultra High Temperature Furnaces

Ultra high temperature furnaces are sometimes known as industrial furnaces. They are a form of laboratory furnace that can reach extremely high temperatures, much higher than most standard furnaces. They are ideal for a broad range of uses and contain heating elements and a heat chamber that maintains temperature control and uniformity. This article will […]

17 Nov

Creating a Custom Furnace

Producing a custom furnace to meet exact specifications and requirements can be extremely beneficial for a range of applications. Many industries have exacting needs for their furnaces due to the processes they carry out or the materials that they use. This article will outline the benefits and considerations of creating a custom furnace. Why Use […]

4 Oct

Key Features of Rocking Motion Ovens

  Rocking motion furnaces have been in use for many years, over time the applications have increased for both melting and processing as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. Additionally, certain chemical and other operations on both metallic and non-metallic materials have found using rocking motion ovens advantageous. How do Rocking Motion Ovens […]

28 Sep

What is a non-continuous furnace?

Many industrial processes require non-continuous heat treatment. Optimal treatment conditions are easier to recreate in closed systems such as non-continuous furnaces. Some industrial applications require inert or vacuum conditions to maintain impermeability. Non-continuous furnaces are ideal for these applications because they are closed process machines. Non-continuous furnaces are best utilized for parts that are unique […]

8 Sep

3 Things You Should Know about Furnace Exhaust Systems

Thermal processes generate various particulates and gases which may be harmful to technicians in the working environment. Furnace exhaust systems are used to vent these by-products from the heating chamber to the outside air. Typically, this is done continuously while the furnace is operational to maintain an optimal working atmosphere, and throughout any programmed cooling […]

21 Jun

3 Types of Benchtop Furnace

Deltech supplies 3 different types of benchtop furnace, all of which are simple to use and maintain and have features which can be used for various kinds of thermal processing. This can be for both research and product manufacturing purposes. The versatility of a benchtop furnace means that the same furnace can be used despite […]

28 May

When to Use a Tunnel Kiln

A tunnel kiln is a continuous moving ware kiln, in which the products to be heated are passed through in cars through a long tunnel. Heating of the products takes place at the central area of the tunnel. Tunnel kilns provide the best levels of fuel efficiency and cost-effective operation in instances where mass production […]

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