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25 Aug

Quench Testing with Small Tube Furnaces

Quench testing is carried out to determine the hardenability of steel, which will provide a measurement of the steel’s capacity to harden under a specific set of circumstances. It is a useful test for any manufacturer working with steel, but can also be used for a number of other materials. For example, vertical tube furnaces […]

17 Aug

5 Essential Features of a Laboratory Furnace

Laboratory furnaces are used for a wide range of applications where an item needs to be heated within a furnace chamber. Laboratory furnaces are used frequently across the manufacturing and science industries for drying, baking and curing. However, furnaces can be built to suit a variety of applications and therefore their features may vary across […]

1 Jul

The Past, Present & Future of Furnace Control Systems

A furnace control system allows for managing the temperature, heat delivery and regulation of other variables. These systems have changed over the years to improve the overall efficiency and meet business demands. What Is A Furnace Control System? A furnace control system is an advanced system that comprises a temperature controller and a programmable logic […]

7 Jun

Silicon Carbide Heating Elements for Industrial Furnaces

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a ceramic material consisting of silicon and carbon. It has become a popular choice for heating elements as it has high electrical conductivity, is available in various shapes and sizes, and is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures.

7 Jun

The Advantages of Using Tunnel Kilns

Tunnel kilns offer many advantages for the efficient firing of large quantities of products. Here we look at the difference between intermittent and tunnel kilns and why tunnel kilns are favored for high-throughput applications.

25 May

Ultra-High Temperature Furnaces from Deltech

Tube furnaces, vacuum furnaces, box furnaces, and muffle furnaces are types of furnaces capable of reaching high operating temperatures. These high-temperature furnaces comprise heating elements on all sides of the chamber that ensure temperature uniformity for fusion and firing, sintering, melting, testing, and other processes. Deltech supplies ultra-high-temperature furnaces to materials scientists and engineers for […]

17 May

Why Choose a Non-Continuous Furnace?

Manufactured items frequently undergo heat treatment at some stage of the manufacturing process. A furnace is a high-temperature chamber capable of holding glass, metals, ceramics, and other materials so that heat may be applied to achieve desirable results.   Although all furnaces apply heat, there is a variety of furnace designs that fulfill a wide […]

16 May

Why is Furnace Gas Detection Important?

Industrial furnaces are commonly used to heat materials during production. In these direct heating devices, heat is generated through the combustion of fuels or gases in the air or by converting electrical energy.   Industrial furnace designs vary according to the method of generating heat, mode of heat transfer, charging materials, function, and other elements. […]

21 Feb

Why Choose a Custom Furnace?

Furnaces are instruments used for heating and processing materials and samples. Generally, they are built using materials that can withstand high temperatures with no adverse effects. Furnaces come in many different configurations to suit different applications. However, furnaces can also be fully customized to meet specific requirements. In this article, we will discuss some of […]

15 Feb

5 Types of Laboratory Furnace

Laboratory furnaces offer continuous heating to samples and materials in a laboratory setting. They are usually built using high-temperature refractory materials so they can sustain high temperatures without breaking down. Laboratory furnaces are often set to function for extended periods, even up to months at a time to complete a processing cycle. This article will […]

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