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3 Jul

55th Anniversary brings ownership change

55th Anniversary brings ownership change After 39 years, co-owner and director of Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance, Mary Stevenson, is (mostly) retiring. Effective July 1, 2023, her responsibilities will be limited to marketing. Mary started working part-time in the family business started by Deltech’s cofounder Calvin L. Stevenson  while a graduate student, eventually becoming the CEO. […]

30 Jan

Deltech Furnaces Quality Manual

Deltech Furnaces Quality Manual We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company   Deltech Furnaces Quality Manual             Deltech, Inc. 1007 East 75th Avenue, Unit E Denver CO, 80229       Table of Contents Company Information 3 QMS Scope and Nonapplicable Clauses 3         2.1. QMS Scope         3 […]

25 Jun

Why The Ceramic And Glass Industry Is A Great Career Path Today

Careers in Ceramics and Glass From a technology and science perspective there has perhaps never been a better time to be involved to some degree in the ceramic and glass industry. Bright young minds with an abundance of creativity and scientific wherewithal are increasingly being drawn to this important industry and all that it offers. […]

9 Sep

Deltech Furnaces (still) Recycles

Deltech Furnaces (still) Recycles We posted this information on our recycling methods in 2013, and we are still at it here in 2021. And in 2022 we joined the wind energy grid offered by our public utility, Xcel Energy, at an added cost. We continue to look for new and affordable ways further a zero-carbon […]

26 Aug

About Deltech

Deltech, Inc. started as a small corporation established in 1968 by a family who lived in Denver, Colorado. One of the founders of this company is Calvin L. Stevenson, who is currently its CEO and Technical Director. However, the tradition is still followed and, as you can imagine, most of the daily operations related to […]

24 Jul

Deltech Furnaces Inc. a traditional family corporation

Deltech Incorporated; is a traditional family owned corporation in Denver, Colorado that was founded in 1968. We are very proud of our high temperature industrial furnaces which are manufactured to extremely high standards of quality, with their control systems, carrying the Intertek UL508 certification. “Deltech builds the Furnace to Fit Your Need”®   This Denver founded […]

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.