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27 Jun

Does our website make you crazy?

    Does our website make you crazy?       Do you find the Deltech Furnaces website hard to navigate? Are you having trouble finding the information you need? Through July 10, 2019 we are offering a $50 credit on a future order for your detailed feedback, both positive and negative. Please help us […]

31 May

Deltech Furnaces is SBA Exporter of the Year

Deltech Furnaces is SBA Exporter of the Year The Small Business Administration named Deltech Furnaces Colorado and Region VIII Exporter of the Year. Region VIII includes Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. Representatives from Colorado SBA including director Frances Padilla, the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), the Department […]

6 Feb

Change in payment terms

Deltech Furnaces offers 2% net in 10 payment terms Deltech, Inc, (aka Deltech Furnaces) is announcing a change in our payment terms effective February 1, 2017.  Customers can now choose to receive a two percent discount for payments sent and received within ten days of the invoice date. We invite all of our customers to […]

21 Dec

Deltech Furnaces a sponsor at 2016 ACEC Career Expo

[nz_row][nz_col width=”3″] [/nz_col][nz_col width=”3″] [/nz_col][nz_col width=”3″] [/nz_col][/nz_row] Deltech Furnaces a sponsor at 2016 ACEC Career Expo, for the fourth year in a row. The Adams County Education Consortium is the group behind this annual event which introduces area 8th graders to many professions and to the educational and skill levels they will need to do […]

6 Dec

Exciting CGIF News!

Exciting CGIF News! That was the subject line for the email Marcus Fish, Development Director for the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation, sent to board members today: “At the end of last week we received official notification that the Corning Incorporated Foundation has approved a grant in the amount of $50,000 for The Ceramic and […]

17 Jun

Wildlife in the city impacts Deltech Furnaces

Wildlife in the city impacts Deltech Furnaces… If you live in the city, you know that many kinds of wildlife have been forced to share their space with humans. As metropolitan areas expand onto areas that used to be farmland or wilderness, the indigenous animal populations have learned to coexist with we mammals. And in […]

10 May

CGIF Reports on Its First Year

CGIF reports on its first year… The Ceramics and Glass Industry Foundation (CGIF), of which this blogger is a proud board member and contributor, recently released its first Annual Report. (Click on the link below to view). The Foundation is the new and improved version of a now defunct  fund raising wing of the American Ceramic […]

9 Apr

Quality Materials Testing Furnaces For Optimum Performance

Quality Materials Testing Furnaces for Optimum Performance… Materials testing furnaces are considered an important piece of equipment that is frequently used in a wide range of industrial and even scientific applications. In most instances this type of furnace can operate at temperatures up to and in some cases even exceeding 1800°C. One of the best […]

6 Apr

Do you know “Robocasting”?

Do you know “Robocasting”? Robocasting Enterprises, LLC was born out of the Technology Transfer program at Sandia National Laboratories. The company uses the technique called “robocasting” – 3D printing via particulate pastes – created by former Sandia research scientist and company founder, Dr. Joe Cesarano III. Their products include ceramic and composite components, often involving […]

20 Feb

Deltech Furnaces mourns the loss of our founder

Deltech Furnaces mourns the loss of our founder, Calvin L. Stevenson. Calvin L. Stevenson served as Deltech’s Chairman of the Board and Technical Director until his death on February 16, 2016. Born August 2nd, 1930 in Anaconda, Montana to Calvin Stevenson and Olga Miller Stevenson.  He died on February 16, 2016 in Denver, Colorado, his […]

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